The super Super Bowl (tf)

I missed the lady giving everybody the finger at halftime. I guess I wasn’t paying that much attention. I’ve seen more imaginative choreography in country and western bars, and Madonna was wearing way too much clothing to distract me (Pete Townshend at least bared his midriff 2 years ago)…..and her lip syncing grew tedious after a time. Not that she’s not an expert at lip syncing. She’s had years of practice after all. But I like my music sung and played live. If this is the future, why not just show a video? It would certainly cut down on performers slipping the bird into their act.

One thing I did notice was Eli Manning’s wife handing off her kid to a Mexican nanny for the entire game. Alas, when the game was over and it was time for the adorable Manning family to mug for the cameras, the nanny was nowhere to be found. It was a pure 21st century pop culture moment….the kind that I notice and hardly anybody else does.

The game surely lived up to the hype. Eli Manning is a cold-blooded killer in the 4th quarter, and even though we all secretly want to either be Tom Brady or be with Tom Brady, it’s not all that unpleasant to see him lose once in a while (and to me, Brady wins if Welker doesn’t drop that ball late in the 4th. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Wes Welker drop a ball. It’s even money that Belichick sends him off to a Siberian gulag next year for some rehabilitation). Brady’s a bit of an arrogant twit….and guys who marry super-models with names nobody can pronounce are automatically unlikable to the majority of the 99%….especially when it’s debatable that of the two she’s the one with the better hair and the prettier face. She did show herself to be an excellent game analyst, however, as she was caught on a post game video going off on Brady’s receivers….saying that her man can’t ” f—— throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.” Hard to argue with her.

Still, Brady’s a great player….but still a great player who’s gotten his ass kicked twice in the Super Bowl by a guy named Eli….a guy with a face that makes Opie Taylor’s look tough. It’s like Richie Cunningham beating up the Fonz, and it’s hard not to root for it to happen. And since Eli plays in New York City….a place that goes berserk and tells him he sucks in about 467 different ways every time he loses a game, his remarkable poise amidst the cacophony is all the more extraordinary. A month ago, New Yorkers were burning coach Tom Couglin in effigy. Today, Bill Parcels is now the second greatest coach in Giant football history. Strange how things work, no?

But back to the halftime thing. I’m told Madonna had lots of famous people with her….today’s young stars. My problem is I don’t know who these people are, so I couldn’t tell if I was watching the changing of the guard, or just one of her back-up singers grabbing a mic to cover for their boss. But all in all, it seemed pretty tepid stuff for Madonna. No bed humping or cones on her breasts. I guess age catches up with everyone in time.

Even Tom Brady.

The worst part about a great super bowl? We gotta wait 7 months for football again.

–Tom Flannery

~ by admin on February 6, 2012.

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  1. That was worth about one cent!

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