Haven’t Been Writing Much (ms)

Writers never spend as much time writing as they should. We try to be sure but something always gets in the way. Many view the whole thing as planning to visit the gym.

Sure you know the benefits of exercise, the value of pumping iron or working out on a machine; it’s all good. You decide that the very next day, say at 5 in the afternoon, you will go to the gym and work up a sweat, about an hour will do it. It will be perfect for you will finish in time to have a reasonable supper and still relax with some reading or television before bed. Why, there might even be a small snack before the night is over. Haven’t you burned off the calories and done the work to deserve it?

The next day, though, is bad. One thing after another goes wrong, the car won’t start, the kids get sick and so by five you are thinking only of home and hang the benefits of exercise, you’ll enjoy them another day. The road to you know where is paved with good intentions. Writers frequently find themselves on that road. Take me for example.

I carefully schedule a few hours to create the next epic tome for posting here, write it down in my calendar, look at it often during the day preparing mentally for the encounter with my keyboard. Generally that encounter never occurs. Like the plan to visit the gym, something always comes up to spoil things.

There is a good movie on television, I’ve gotten to an interesting portion of a book, some odd chore around the ranch attracts my attention, I’m tired. Any excuse will do, really, for I am flexible. To tell the truth, I really don’t like sitting down to write.

I hope for the day when writing will be as simple as thinking, that this sentence for example would materialize on a screen by just imagining it. I could edit them the same way, swipe out whole paragraphs and replace them with others, do all the things I now can do when I sit in front of my keyboard only I wouldn’t need to sit in front of my keyboard. Instead I could be walking in the woods or down the street or sitting on my front porch. It all comes down to the spontaneity of the writing thing.

Walk along and an idea comes to you and just as quickly its gone. Even jotting it down on paper doesn’t quite do it justice for something is always lost in the translation. This thought writing thing is really the only answer. The words never seem to come the same way when I’m sitting in front of my laptop staring at the vacant white screen. The screen is like a road block to those words of wisdom I so desperately want, need to share with those who take the time to read these things.

Well, enough for now; I think I’ll go to the gym or maybe there’s a good movie on and there is that book…

–Mike Stevens

~ by admin on November 24, 2011.

One Response to “Haven’t Been Writing Much (ms)”

  1. i can so relate to this gym analogy. i’m really into the writing and reading others thing right now, so my other “scheduled” activities get shuffled a lot (like the gym and my day job…sometimes i sacrifice writing time to reading (now) and sometimes i get behind at work when i make posting my priority and/or get obsessed with reading and commenting. also…thinking about my blog and how i should really to start doing the embedded, relevant picture thing or formalizing my process and posts to gain traffic…then remembering that i can’t do all of that unless i really mean it.

    chippin’ away…every word counts. your archives go back almost a year. YOU ARE WRITING 🙂 too bad we can’t thought-write at that gym.

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