An addendum….(tf)

I really don’t understand people. Some people I guess….although it seems like “most” fits better sometimes.

Joe Paterno went home last night to 1000+ cheering Penn State students…..with We Love You Joe signs and all the rest. The coach actually led them all in a PSU chant on his front lawn. This being Penn State, I suspect most if not all of the students were drunk off their ass, but still it seemed vaguely shameful. Watching it, you got the feeling that if one of the victims of this abuse scandal showed up he might have been set upon with stones and blamed for poor Joe’s plight.

This is a man who admittedly covered up the crimes of a serial sexual predator. For years. Jerry Sandusky was lifting weights in the Penn State weight room last week. A guy Paterno knew was caught, literally with pants down, raping a 10 year old boy in the Penn State showers. And for the next 9 years…..Paterno allowed the man full access to all University facilities. Paterno did not call the police. He did not check with the Penn State athletic department to find out if they called the police. Indeed, he didn’t check with anybody to see if anything at all was done. There was no investigation at all.

The only reason that Sandusky is not still preying on young boys is because somebody at a local State College High School did the right thing. He or she heard about Sandusky abusing high school kids….and immediately called the State Police. That sealed the deal. That’s the only reason this is in the news today. That’s the only reason Penn State got caught covering up abuse so heinous that the 26 pages of charges can induce vomiting. An anonymous high school teacher, not that moral pillar Joe Paterno….ended up saving countless more kids from devastation. All it took was a sense of decency and morality. Something we’ve been led to believe the Penn State program fostered like no other. All a sham.

I’ve been waiting for somebody with guts to emerge. To take a stand. It’s obviously not going to be a University official, who have, to a man, all acted like bloodless bureaucrats. Maybe a leading player will stand up and say, “you know what, I’m not playing for a guy who covered up the rape of a child.” I’m waiting for Penn State ticket holders to show the world what they think by showing us an empty stadium on Saturday. No protest would be louder than seats with no asses in them. How can anybody support this program now with money? It’s like dropping coins in a Catholic Church collection plate. With the lawsuits sure to come……you’re doing nothing but subsidizing legal fees. And protecting those who knowingly protected a pedophile.

I just don’t know how you spin this any differently. How exactly does the number of wins Paterno has accumulated on the football field even slither into the equation? I’m hearing about his “legacy”. Lets put his “legacy” up against what’s in store for a now 20 something male who was sexually violated over and over again as a child….by a monster. We can’t even begin to calculate the damage. How far do the tentacles stretch? Sorry folks, I don’t give a shit about how Paterno is going to be remembered. I worry about these kids. And I worry about the cheering idiots on Paterno’s lawn last night. Is this the type of person Penn State churns out? Alumni should be ashamed.

So word just in. He retires at the end of the year. He gets to coach for a few more weeks. He gets to represent the University despite having disgraced it. He gets to leave on his own terms.

He should be frog marched out of Beaver Stadium.

They’ll be cheers. They’ll be tears. Poor JoePa. His last home game on Saturday. A perverted spectacle of absolute power corrupting absolutely. No empty seats. No morally brave players. Just a goddamn football game going on amidst shattered lives and a grand moral failure that played out on a huge stage for all to see. If the institution of Penn State had any decency…..not only would Paterno not coach anymore….but the rest of the football season would be canceled. As the grandest of grand statements. That this is not about football or a man’s legacy.

This is about children. It’s not about some doddering old hypocritical fool covering up for one of his boys.

Shame on us if we forget that. And shame on us if we watch one wretched snap.

–Tom Flannery

~ by admin on November 9, 2011.

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  1. sham 10 and btw call me

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