Grant me serenity? Well…maybe for a minute or two…(tf)

I took my kids to school today (there’s a bus but they intentionally by mistake miss it every morning) and on the drive home I finally noticed the exploding leaves. The deep blue sky helps to show them off. Driving up the hill towards my house, with the overhanging trees on both sides of me, was like driving through a 3-D painting. Just gorgeous. It reminded me all over again why I hate summer and long for fall. It’s for views like this. The crispness of it all. It just forces you into a kind of serenity….if only for a few minutes. And with everything swirling around us, serenity even in small doses is welcome.

Folks are fed up. They’re tired of waiting for that trickle to trickle down. The gap between those who have and those who have not is growing ever-wider. Eventually, if history teaches us anything at all, this type of chasm leads to rebellion. What we’re seeing happening on Wall Street right now may simply run out of steam….or be ignored to death by a media that has no financial interest in the poor in this country becoming not poor. I’m not sure it’s got the popular support it needs….or that the amount of anger needed to effect real change is sustainable yet. No recognizable leader has emerged, nor any coherent strategy. Without this, the effort might very well be wiped out by the other side’s propaganda machines. Fox News has recently started calling the protesters “un-American”….but then again Fox News only screams about “class war” when poor people actually fight back. Fox is a joke of course, but then so was the club-footed dimwit Joseph Goebbels….before he managed to convince the most culturally advanced nation on earth that state-sponsored killing was God’s will. And yea, I guess I am comparing Fox News to the chief Nazi propagandist….just in case anybody is reading between the lines. I’m not convinced there’s a line Roger Ailes would refuse to cross. If that doesn’t frighten you, it should, because there are loads of Hank Williams Jr. fans out there being fed a daily diet of this hateful swill….getting more and more pissed off at more and more of the wrong people. Furious, armed, dumb, God-fearing white men can ruin anyone’s day.

Obama could turn himself into a legend if he went down to Wall Street and spent the night in a tent. But, well….you know. This is status-quo stuff we’re talking about here. And even more….quid pro quo stuff. Obama promised change and instead delivered billions of our money to the same guys who buggered it out of us in the first place. These are the kind of guys you need on your side to become President. And these are the kind of guys you need on your side to remain President. In Washington “change” represents the amount of money in the unmarked envelopes.

Us commie liberal socialist types made a mistake in thinking Obama was the moral giant the nation needed. He’s not. Surely he’s better than what the other side was offering….but then Big Bird would have been better than what the other side was offering. When our nation elected our first African-American President…..I teared up. I really did. It just seemed to offer so much. How far we’d come. Even in my lifetime. A staggering triumph over hate and ignorance. How could anybody think this was not the beginning of something epic?

Well, it wasn’t. I’ve no doubt that Obama is a good man trying to do his best within the rules he’s afraid to break. But that’s not nearly enough. What this nation needs is Churchillian “we shall fight them….we shall never surrender” type leadership. We need to be inspired. We need the fear knocked out of us. Only then will things change. Fear is the main ingredient in the stew of “business as usual”.

What’s happening now on Wall Street, and spreading around the country, is all the more remarkable in that it’s happening in spite of a lack of moral leadership from the White House. It’s below the grass-roots even. It’s staggering in its simplicity and, dare I say it, even its naiveté. We’re here and we ain’t moving until you change. How’s that? It makes me proud to be an American…..or “un-American” as some of the twits would say.

This is what I’m thinking on this fine fall day. Serene, don’t you think?

–Tom Flannery

~ by admin on October 11, 2011.

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  1. Number six for number two

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