Autumn Ho (ms)

I fired up our Blog page the other day and found my old friend Flannery had waxed philosophical about autumn. Remarkable, I  thought, because I seldom hear about sightings of him beyond the mini-mart down the road and then only in times of emergency runs to renew his supply of diet soda. The rest of the time he spends cooped up in his man cave reading or making music or sometimes doing gainful work.

Given that hectic yet confining schedule it’s difficult to imagine he knows what season we’re in let alone what goes on during it. I, on the other hand believe in the enjoyment of the season.

I was out for a late afternoon walk the other day, one of those things I do to try and keep myself in some sort of shape even if it isn’t great. This is not a set routine for me like those who run and walk every day come rain or shine. I spend more time evading the walk than I use actually doing it. I have a new routine that gets me a nearly two mile walk just cutting my lawn. That nearly never happened because I almost went and bought a riding mower this year. Fortunately I spotted a guy older than me out cutting his lawn using a walk behind mower. I figured if he can do it, so can I and I’m better for it but, I digress.

My afternoon stroll took me up a dirt road near the Ranch. It’s a good road with few homes along it, a car now and then. Walking along it gives me the chance to do a little thinking, to work out story ideas or just think about the stuff of life. The awakening came about halfway up the last hill before the turn around: autumn is here!

It wasn’t any one thing that made me conclude this, it was more like a few mixed in with a bit of feel. The Goldenrod, that scourge of allergy sufferers nationwide, was in full bloom. It’s color was vibrant, plants standing tall and proud waving in a gentle breeze. It made for a very nice photo when shot against a blue sky. Looking back, more than anything else, I think it was that breeze which convinced me the seasons were changing.

You know how they say there’s something in the air? Well, there was and it wasn’t the smell of burning tires. It was a freshness, I think, a crispness the air had that day and didn’t have a few days before. I thought the Directors of Wind Currents on the shift had sent a few breezes up into Canada then had them travel south right over PA. Oh it was most refreshing. If only I could capture that and put it on the market as some type of freshener I think I would make a fortune. Mike’s Fall Freedom seems a good name.

Anyway, I just thought I would pass along the fact that I too noticed autumn was here and that I appreciate it’s presence. If only I could get myself out to walk I would probably enjoy it even more.

–Mike Stevens

~ by admin on September 14, 2011.

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