The Political Spin (ms)

The good news is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a budget for the next fiscal year. Unlike some others when arguments over said spending plan brought things to a halt we can continue to see state services and use them though not so much in some cases. I like going to the state park near the ranch and it’s good I will still be able to do that.

In Washington things are a bit off. Both “sides” are still arguing over raising a deficit ceiling. I think of that as a credit card company sending you an offer to spend more and in my case my wife suggesting that isn’t such a good idea. If I want to spend more she reasons I better find a way to make more or places to cut back. We eventually reach an agreement.

In both Harrisburg and Washington everyone throws around numbers with long trains of zeroes behind them as if they were pocket change. That concept could tend to take you out of the realm of reality and set you free on the Lake of Disconnect aboard the good ship Don’t Care.

The trouble starts when you’re not spending your own money. Our good lawmakers don’t need to meet a monthly mortgage on anything they approve so it’s fairly easy to sign off. Why, we fine taxpayers actually pay them to spend it. How good is that? Of course they pay taxes like we do but you need to make the money first before you pay the taxes. I may gripe about paying my levies but then I recall that I am gainfully employed and have been lucky so I should pay something.

Another negative comes with perks and benefits enjoyed by our lawmakers. If you get things for free or cheaper than we of the great unwashed masses must pay, it sort of makes you forget what it is we out here must deal with, every day. Can we afford to do something or can’t we? What can we do without to make it work? I speak here not of luxuries but of things like decent food, medical and dental care, fixing the car so you can get to work. We do not have the luxury of going to our employers (if we are lucky enough to have a job) to ask for some extra bucks. That reminds me: we are the lawmakers employers! Methinks too many of them forget that and may even consider us annoyances should we complain, if we’re acknowledged at all.

The realm of politics has never been a place where I’ve spent any time; I find I write better fiction than trying to live it. I am, however, an observer of the times and the people who live in them for that allows me to improve my craft. If a writer allows the world to become his or her classroom their stories will be more believable because they seem closer to reality, maybe just a notch off the truth, spun in such a way as to seem to be accurate and factual. Come to think of it, I believe I know several writers working in government right now. Why, I might even have helped elect a few.

–Mike Stevens

~ by admin on July 5, 2011.

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