The Political Spin (tf)

Those of us who spent our formative years under Richard Nixon expect our elected officials to have the morals of a pissing toad. It wasn’t the best way to grow up, but at least Nixon wasn’t Ronald Reagan….the boogey-man of my teens who made Nixon look honest. That these 2 men were not only elected, but elected to second terms……in landslides, turned an entire generation of reasonably intelligent people into angry, cynical, drunken, pill-popping fools. Myself included of course.

Then came George W. Bush, himself the greatest argument against the theory of evolution that I know of. But by 2000 it hardly mattered (8 years of relative prosperity under Clinton was somewhat off-set by 8 years of depraved sexuality…along with his colossal bad taste in women). I had already hunkered down and expected the worst….which turned out to be good strategy ’cause that’s what we got. Bush was elected twice too by the way. Well, sort of.

American’s have died so other American’s can compare people like Nixon and Reagan and Bush to pissing toads and not get thrown in jail. I don’t take such things lightly…..but that doesn’t mean that I’m any less disgusted.

We all whine about the quality of our politicians, but the truth is we’re still not really ready to do anything about it. The minute somebody unabashedly honest runs for public office, eyebrows are raised. After a week on the stump the media will have turned him or her into an unelectable, demented eccentric. Deep down we admire them, but the last thing we want is somebody speaking the unvarnished truth into live microphones. So we go for the slick liar with the least skeletons in his closet. Then we spend the next 4 years bitching and falling further behind. It’s the American way.

Harry Truman once said that it’s impossible for an honest politician to get rich while in office. Truman of course was the last President we had who wasn’t rich to start with (poor guy had to move back in with his Mother-in-Law when his term was up). From Eisenhower to Obama, we’ve elected all multi-millionaires. It takes tons of money to get elected President of course, but ironically people with money don’t want to give it to anyone who doesn’t already have lots to start with.

Go figure.

Morality is kind of a good thing, but the last morally brave man in the White House (pending history’s verdict on Obama) was Jimmy Carter, and even his biggest fans will admit he’s a lot better at being a former President than he was being a sitting President. He worried about things like human rights and our rampant use of oil and as a result got played like a string section by a batshit terrorist cleric and blitzkrieg’d by a guy who had to write L and R on his shoes, believed in the rapture, and thought “Star Wars” was real. So maybe morality is a tad overrated. You need some bastard in you to be a good President I guess. And a great poker face.

Of course the main culprit here is our wretched 2 party system….which rewards hackery and sends anyone with half a conscience to the internet for google searches on mail-order benzodiazepine made in foreign countries. Until we have the guts change the status quo, it’s all we have to look forward to.

I wouldn’t mind some improvements.

–Tom Flannery


~ by admin on July 5, 2011.

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