The Melody Of Summer (ms)

I walked out to the front porch of the Ranch around supper time the other evening just to get some air, to sit and relax after a meal, after a day.

We were between rain events; seems we’ve been having a lot of rain lately and that day was no different. Usually at that time things are quiet for the work has been done and folks in the neighborhood are either still having their evening meal or doing something else peaceful and quiet. Not this time.

There was a brief and unpredictable period for any who needed it to go out and do what needed doing. Oh, the engines fired up and before long the mowers were rolling almost in unison. I heard a vacuum cleaner somewhere as a neighbor cleaned out summer dirt from the car. A ladder clanked as somebody tried to clear a few broken limbs on a tree. Busy up and down the street.

I settled back and relaxed anyway for sound can be tuned out with a little practice and I have practiced. Got to the point where I could not hear a thing. Well, I did hear a robin in the bird bath. Opening one eye I saw the bird in there, wallowing, flittering back and forth, enjoying the water. If a bird could smile that one surely would have. Then it was back to the quiet I was enjoying amid the mowing and vacuuming.

As expected the unpredictable happened and it started to rain after a  bit. I was all ears for that. There is something exceptional about the opening few minutes of a summer shower. No matter how many times it happens the experience is always seemingly more pleasant than the last. A few drops here and there plop onto the leaves of the maple out front, they make a sound like a gentle slap and then there are more. Not that many more but enough to turn the singular sound into a chorus and then the water drips from the porch roof and into the gutters and the metallic sound of that blends in with it all.

There are no harsh sounds in the beginning of a summer shower. The sounds are quiet, soft and subtle; they blend into one gentle hum that soon blocks out everything save cars on the street, a low flying aircraft over head. The rain is a symphony orchestrated carefully by an unseen hand. I happened to be in the audience for the performance on that particular evening. I had a good seat.

I have heard this lovely vibrant tune hundreds of times over the years and I never tire of it. I got the idea once that I ought to get a good recorder and have it handy for the time when a gentle rain begins. I could record it and play it back any time but I gave up, I decided I could never get it to sound quite the same way. So I will be content with my porch on a cloudy summer afternoon hoping the symphony will start. I do have a great seat.

–Mike Stevens


~ by admin on June 27, 2011.

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