Ask Who Serves Who (ms)

When I think of politics around where I live a vision of the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia also pops into my head. I can’t help it for they seem to go together.

On the surface there are the little insects, the mosquitoes, flies and creeping crawling things too numerous to mention. Beneath the surface, where the waters are dark and murky, lie the big fish, creatures grown fat dumb and happy because of inactivity. They don’t need to do much but wait until a hand comes by holding money which they gobble up when it is within reach sometimes taking the hand as well. How easy can it be? Somebody brings the take right to you. Why, it’s like being spoon fed. The waters around these greedy, overweight may I even say bloated fish are most difficult to see through and so a powerful light is needed. This beacon has often been described as the Beacon of Truth, a fitting title. It often takes some time to come around but usually it does and once it finds a target it never blinks.

I’ve lived all save a few years in these parts and it has always been the same scenario: politicians serving politicians first then allowing some crumbs to slide off the table to the lucky few. If we the electorate manage to get something well, so be it, accidents happen. As a rule it seems politicians at every level have quit working for us and spend their time trying to figure out how they can further their own positions.

In each election various candidates argue they are the best for the job; they will reform government; they will create transparency; they will bring back good jobs; with them we’ll have better highways, lower taxes and more efficient government. Well, it doesn’t seem to matter who we vote for, what we end up with is always the same.

Instead of voting for the best man or woman each election I think sometimes I would find it refreshing if someone would run on the graft ticket. “Lie, Cheat, Steal…I’m the one for real”, that sort of thing. At least the person is being honest. We won’t be surprised when the Feds come knocking and haul him or her away for ten to twenty. Hey, the candidate told us the platform and stuck to it. Hard to find that kind of honesty these days, at least in the political world.

Methinks I paint with too broad a brush some days and I must surely note that there are those in politics who work to serve the folks who put them there and really are interested in helping them. Unfortunately they are becoming fewer and fewer.

I tell you, it is disheartening and disappointing to find we have crooked politicians fleecing anyone they can, giving jobs to family and friends and not the most qualified, selling favors like they were treats in a candy store. Isn’t it time we had better than that?

–Mike Stevens


~ by admin on June 23, 2011.

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