Can I Leave Now? (ms)

I imagined the other day that I had no electronic devices; no computers, phones, things like that. Oh what a world I imagined.

The world of electronics is mine, to a certain degree at least. While I maintain a grip on reality I also allow myself to become part of the place created for us by technology and Madison Avenue. In short, they build it and I come convinced by advertising that I absolutely positively must have the newest device on the market. Should I not friends will laugh at me, scoff at the now six month old virtual antique I carry. To be sure I don’t buy everything offered for there is only so much money in the pot but I have had my share over the years.

It is a fascinating place, Electronicville. When in it you can talk to people around the world with a few key strokes .Of course a world of trouble awaits if one is not careful but that we already know enough about, or should. I have a friend in Japan who communicates regularly and even helps to distribute these pieces to her English speaking friends. I have learned a thing or two about the country through her and so that was good.

When the earthquakes and tsunami hit Japan I could go to the Web and watch the whole series of events almost as they happened. I went out that day to do some errands but no problem keeping in touch for my phone is almost as good as my computer in that regard. I am in touch with the world day and night if I want to be and I suppose that can be a problem.

The ties that bind me to Electronicville work 24/7 including holidays. There is not a moment of the day I do not have access to the world at my fingertips or sitting on my lap. My friend in Japan might as well be one town away but therein lies the rub, as I see it.

I can become addicted to it all and I confess I have at least to some degree. I need my “fix” of news, gossip, chatter and email not to mention a text massage or six each day. My imagination took me back to not many years ago when none of this stuff existed. Yes, there was a time.

No phone in my pocket so I had to wait until I got home or a place where there was one I could use. My calendar was paper and fit in my shirt pocket, the place where y phone now often is between calls, texts and news updates. My news came to the television in the evening, between six and seven; there were evening and morning newspapers. I paid my bills by mail and when I wanted to I used nice paper or a card to write a note or letter to a friend or someone in the family. None of that exists in Electronicville, where I live and work today. My world never really stops for I am never really disconnected from it so there is little time for real conversation, writing a good letter in my own hand or even smelling the roses. This all makes me wish someone would cancel my passport to Electronicville.

–Mike Stevens

~ by admin on June 20, 2011.

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