Now That’s Good Fishing (ms)

Perhaps you’ll remember, Dear Reader, that when last we met the discussion centered on a lengthy bamboo pole that would catch fish under almost any conditions. Its construction and bait was such that the system is virtually foolproof. As an added bonus, once the fish cleaned off the hook they left it alone thereby allowing the mind to freely wander. When fishing that is a very good goal to seek.

I once fished with a guy in a power boat and we were after a particular type of fish found in a vary large lake. He was a tournament fisherman and winning tournaments depends on poundage; that’s important to note. We would speed to a likely looking cove at full throttle, he would make a half dozen casts, announce then we were leaving for there was nothing to be caught. He would then fire up and take us for another high speed run to another likely cove. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. That is how the day went. In my mind hardly relaxing nor even fun for that matter. Ever try to carry on a conversation in an open bass boat speeding across a lake? Can’t be done.

My idea of a good day fishing is entirely different. On a good day, a really good day, catching fish is not necessary; catching a fish is an interruption in the pursuit of all that is of nature.

We have a canoe that we take out when the mood is upon us and it is from this trusty craft that I have done some fishing. We paddle some, drift some and fish some but not much of any one thing. Doing substantial amounts of any one task would be work therefore something not permitted during a fishing expedition. One must allow things to progress at a reasonable pace, nothing must be hurried.

Along the shore line of a nearby lake is another favorite place of mine. This spot requires even less work than the canoe thing. I simply set up my folding chair and sit back. I balance a fishing rod on a forked stick but it is only for show. I always felt I needed some kind of prop when seated at the lake shore so people wouldn’t look at me sideways as I sat and marveled at how calm the lake can be. It can seem an odd and peculiar endeavor when seated at a lake, I mean just to watch the water, but so much goes on I would hardly have time to fish for all the looking.

Insects that can skitter across the surface of the water and not sink, the bees buzzing in the clover nearby, the dragonflies flittering about. So much to look at and enjoy. I have spent many a fine afternoon in such a manner knowing that it always ends way too soon and then its back to the real world.

I do not fish for real any longer. Good thing the folks down at my local supermarket maintain a supply or else I would never bring home any fish.

–Mike Stevens


~ by admin on June 18, 2011.

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