The Just Back From Vacation Blues (ms)

Ah, the anticipation of vacation. To an adult it is much the same feeling as that of a child looking forward to Christmas morning. One more week to go, the calendar says. Three days from now it’ll be wheels up and liftoff for vacation. Tomorrow at this time we’ll be on our way and in just a few hours after that we’ll be relaxing and vacation will be underway. Of course, all good things must also have an end.

Vacation does not actually end it is more of a fadeout. There is no switch thrown that signals it is over for the feeling of vacation stays with us like a fresh bloom on a rose. As we come down from our work day world and gradually ease into vacation mode so too do we reverse the process and head back into the daily grind. Personally I stay in vacation mode for a full two or three days after the big event.

Unfortunately even that lingering bit of glow eventually fades and the work day world which I live in comes knocking and I must answer its call. True I do make attempts at avoiding it as much as I can but the fact remains that I still must answer every now and again. If not, the next knock I get may well come from a not-so-friendly bill collector or pickup truck repo man.

Each time vacation is over I make the same vow to myself: I will find a different way to do things so that the time till the next vacation goes a bit easier and is not so hurried. In all the years I have been trying, that has never happened.

Before too long I am facing the same number of pressing deadlines, the same number of appointments, the same bits of nonsense that occupy time and accomplish little. I hasten to add, Dear Reader, that I am fully aware your life is about as complicated. This is the price we pay for living as we do in the times we do. I don’t think our ancestors had these problems.

Life a century or so ago was much simpler, much more cut and dried, much more limited. Mom stayed home and worked at caring for the kids and the house while dad went off to the office or the mines or the fields and worked there all day. In the evening everybody got together, had supper then maybe talked a little but since it was dark and the day began before dawn, it was time for bed. If you happened to be among the fortunate few a break came Saturday afternoon and Sundays. In that world, under those circumstances, there was no time for killing time for there was work that needed doing and the faster you got it done the faster you could move on to the next chore. Work, work, work, always something to do, the chores never seemed to end and sleep was only a short break between tasks. Probably never had time for vacation.

Humm. Maybe I don’t have it so bad after all.

–Mike Stevens

~ by admin on June 14, 2011.

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