Life Is Still Good (ms)

It is very easy to sink into despair over our world –– all you need do is pick up a newspaper or watch television news and you begin to think the place is populated by perverts, war mongers, killers, rapists, assorted gangsters and thieves not to mention those who steal while wearing suits and ties. The latter group may wear expensive clothes but they are thieves by any definition. The only difference between them and the common mugger or pickpocket is that they dress better.

I opened said newspaper one morning and found headlines about bad stuff and I mean really bad stuff. Stephen King might reject it as a plot for one of his stories it’s so bad. Additionally there is the usual assortment of stories dealing with murder, mayhem and mishap.

Now, any reporter worth his or her salt will tell you that these kinds of stories sell papers and get television viewers to tune in and there is no doubt they do. I recall someone trying an experiment once wherein a half hour show using only good news would be produced and aired. It was tried for a short time but there were two problems: filling it with good “good” stuff and getting people interested enough to tune it in. Other than that it was a good show. News of the day is generally bad but it is what we want to hear and read though there are times those kinds of items become overpowering and leave you with the notion that whatever was good in this world has taken off for parts unknown leaving us to wallow in the dirt.

As it would happen, while I was wallowing, I received an email from a friend who has gone off with her church group to do some work in Haiti. There she was with her friends in one picture putting up some boards on a building; another a group shot, shirts wringing wet with sweat but on their faces were smiles and that in turn made me feel better. Imagine, people doing some good without expectations of salaries or benefits or any reward better than a smile. I scoured the paper again and found stories here and there that also made me feel good or at least better about it all. These were not big stories, not headline material, not a television piece among them just small samplings of lives being lived for the betterment of the rest of us. Small steps but steps nevertheless and that is fine.

The world is not one strictly of the aforementioned misguided wretches. It’s a world that on an individual basis is doing pretty well. I am very proud of us for when disaster strikes, we rush in to do what we can. A child needs a new wheelchair after hers was stolen, we’re on it. Cancer patients need help paying bills, we are all over it. Bring it on. We’ve got your back.

I used to know all this, take it as more than an article of faith and more as fact. Sometimes I forget and my mind wanders glazed over as it is with the horrors of just about any day. It’s good to be reminded that some of us still have our hearts and haven’t forgotten how to use them when needed.

–Mike Stevens

~ by admin on June 12, 2011.

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