Life Is Still Good (tf)

One of the reasons me and Stevens are good friends is that we have absolutely nothing in common.

Though he can become a bit grumpy when nobody is looking, Stevens is truly a glass-full kind of guy. In his travels he has seen much more than the rest of us. He has focused on the snapshots taken when one hits the back roads. He finds wonderful people out there, doing wonderful things. True “live and let live” characters who do no evil and always bring a smile. The kind of people some might find a bit odd…..or quaint. But they are the ones who give the big picture all its colors. If not the backbone of America, then maybe the femur.

I should get out more but I don’t. So I don’t see many of these characters. Instead I see a world largely filled with degenerates, dope fiends, professional torturers, thugs, weasels, boot lickers, Jesus freaks, pimps, political hacks, genocidal maniacs, ideological trolls, ritalin gorged pre-teens, and people on the internet who can’t spell. It’s a ghastly scene from where I sit, and it seems to be getting worse. I want to blame somebody but I can’t decide who’s the most guilty… I mostly just tar everybody with the same brush. Just the act of getting out of bed most mornings seems beastly.

I’m not paranoid but it does seem that everybody is out to get me. And now it’s summer, the nadir of the year. The heat oppresses me like a potty dictator. Football is three full months away. My teeth will be clenched until Labor Day is in my rear-view mirror. Maybe by then people will have stopped talking about Weiner’s Wiener, although the guy seems to have taken enough pics of his package to have the thing drag out until Halloween.

What is happening? Can somebody tell me?

I could be a bit more of an optimist I suppose. I mean, it wouldn’t hurt anyone. I was thinking this very thing yesterday while I sat at a lazy red light. Then I didn’t move fast enough when it turned green and the guy behind me tossed me the finger and nearly ran me off the road. If he had a gun I’m convinced he would have shot me. By the time I had pulled over and gotten the 7 iron out of the trunk, he had turned. It almost felt good to be jolted back into reality. Let your guard down for a moment and somebody will crush you like hot grapes.

As I write these words the sky is darkening and thunder rumbles from the east. The perfect excuse not to cut my grass. I shall sit on my porch and read books and drink endless cans of diet coke and wait for the lightning strike that will knock out my power. It’s mid-afternoon and is so dark I’ll need to squint to see the words. The rain is pouring down so hard I can see cars driving past the house but can’t hear them.

Finally, something glorious.

Life is not bad after all. If taken in small doses.

–Tom Flannery


~ by admin on June 12, 2011.

One Response to “Life Is Still Good (tf)”

  1. What is happening? Can somebody tell me?
    It is the Golden Age of the World

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