Make Me Laugh Till I Cry (ms)

Now, let me tell you straightaway this is not one of those what I did with my grandkids pieces. That’s not to say I will never do one for grandparents do have a way of bringing up such topics but that is not the case this time.

Rather, Dear Reader, we shall talk of how kids are and how we as their parents and grandparents could learn a thing or two from them. Maybe we already knew it, most of us probably did, but in the rush to grow up we left it behind and look what we’ve become.

My wife and I have the luxury of living close to our grandkids and so we see them once a week if not more. They are children who are loved deeply by all parties concerned, they get food whenever they need it, have good clothes and a warm place to sleep so life for them is good. As we all know many children around the world are not as fortunate. For our grandkids and the other lucky kids the basic needs are taken care of and so they can set out on the trip through childhood concentrating on its magic, its wonders, all the things that make the time so special.

Kids laugh, you know, at the most unusual things. I daresay I wouldn’t notice many of them if it were not for our grandchildren. Though my working life has largely been spent observing I do so with an adults eye: is it interesting, dangerous, a threat to me and those around me, is it cheaper or more expensive, maybe a fact I need to know? These are all adult attitudes, adult questions based on our experience and even our prejudices. Kids have none of those predetermined attitudes. To a kid the world is one huge playground and it is open for business 24/7.

So I watch them amuse themselves with the slightest of things and because of them I am also amused. We laugh together, not just giggling but laughing loud and long. Oh, but that is good for the mind, body and soul. At the end of a day with them I am tired largely because they never stop but also because they have given me a refresher course in humor; Mirth 101. They have taught me again that it is a fine thing to be silly, it is okay to giggle over the strangest things and to laugh outright if one finds an especially good joke. Don’t ask me to define good for it may be in our eyes only but, no matter.

We need to laugh more, a rather trite phrase to be sure but one that is still important. Our world is so complicated, confusing and so downright dangerous at times that it’s easy enough to ignore the wisdom of the advice. It takes a kid to spot the humor in even the bleakest of times and then run with it till ending on the couch a crumpled ball of merriment and happiness. It’s easy to forget how to do that, to laugh at the smallest things in life. Good thing kids are willing to teach us what we’ve forgotten but surely need to know..

–Mike Stevens

~ by admin on April 22, 2011.

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