The Enemy Surrounds Me (ms)

I don’t know when it was that I realized I was living with my enemy and indeed had been for a very long time. Perhaps it was yesterday or the day before that, I’m no longer sure.

It is difficult imagining that it was there literally under my very nose through my entire life. Quiet, benign, virtually invisible to anyone looking at it, that is how it has been oh these many years.

It has followed me to places I’ve lived: three states besides Pennsylvania always there through the rain, surviving snow and sleet. I could not escape it try as I might.

There was a time early on when I viewed what has so recently been identified as my enemy with a certain degree of pleasure. To be sure I worked hard to make it happy and content; spent a good deal of money in the process too I can tell you but I loved it, you see. I enjoyed its company on spring evenings when the peepers chirped in the swamp across the way and the warmth of a southerly wind made things most pleasant. In summer there was more of the same though the heat was deeper, the scent of summer strong, almost heady. Wonderful times they were, wonderful times indeed.

Our friendship began to wain but I can’t tell you when it started, exactly. There was no defining moment, the dropping of the checkered flag, the pop of the starters gun, those kinds of thing. No, it was more a gradual chain of events, an evolving distancing between us that pulled us apart, further and further, each moment hardly noticed as we went along.

The whole thing took years to grow into what has now become: a split between us as wide and deep as a river canyon. I tried to ignore it hoping the whole thing might just go away and leave me be but it was no use. The more I tried the worse it got, the angrier I became. The culmination of the affair, the dawning of reason came as I said just within a matter of days before you are reading this. Precious few hours have passed since then but I have now just been able to draw myself together to press the switch of my computer and begin to systematically detail this most momentous occurrence in my life. It is good for me to take this approach, Dear Reader; it is cathartic, a healing balm to salve the wounds of my discontent, my anger not to mention the knowledge that my enemy surrounds me and has for years but I have been blind to it. No more!

The thief will no longer take my time, my money, my energy. I am done with it and I shall move on caring not even a whit about its being any longer. We have parted not as friends for I at least have taken my leave with an anger deep and with a spirit drained to exhaustion.

My friends, I will cut my lawn no more. I shall spend the money and hire a service. There, I’ve said it.

–Mike Stevens

~ by admin on April 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Enemy Surrounds Me (ms)”

  1. Or you could just pave it.

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