The Spring Fling Working Thing (ms)

I was sitting on my couch (a position I take quite often during the winter months) and happened to glance out the window. What to my wandering eyes should appear but a bit of green where once there was white. The grass was coming back. Checking the forecast I found the temperature was expected to stay above freezing for at least the next few days if not longer. I notice then that I hadn’t heard the furnace kick on quite as often in the past few hours. All signs suddenly pointed quite firmly to spring.

Well, I can tell you, it was good news indeed. I quickly hunted up my outside work clothes and once properly dressed strode confidently to the tool shed to gather up my equipment. I had been maintaining an outside to-do list since the first snowfall of last year and it was time to mow through it.

I strode confidently along doing task after task on my list. There was no job too big or too small for me to tackle. If I didn’t have the materials I needed, I went down to the store and picked them up. I barely took time out for lunch so intent was I on the work at hand.

By nightfall I had accomplished but a few of the items on my list and my body was yelling foul with murmurs of an uprising from every muscle therein. Yoiks.

The siren song of spring had overcome me, that was plain to see. I sensed it and followed its beckoning call to the outdoors. So stricken with the dreaded Cabin Fever was I that I did not pause to consider the consequences of starting at Ground Zero and rocketing into a work space. It isn’t a pleasant transition as I recalled that evening.

I had resumed my position on the couch both to contemplate my day and because I had not the strength to continue. I concluded it was a day spent mostly doing odds and ends and only a few of the items I had so carefully noted on my list. Walking past something I would note it needed taking care of so I would do that and while so engaged I would see something else a few feet away that likewise needed tending and so it went. Occasionally I would come across something on my list and gleefully check it off when I made it right.

My bed called before long and I quickly answered putting to an end a day that was not filled with accomplishment but rather the winning of minor skirmishes. I learned too that one does not charge off into battle without proper basic training, in this case a few weeks at the gym. Of course I learn that lesson each year and promptly forget it by the next. If only the IRS could have such a memory when it came to my taxes.

So Dear Reader I shall leave you with the observation (edited) of an old guy I know who uttered once the phrase, “Work begets work so its best not to begin in the first place.” I might add, “And a severe pain in the neck as well as every place else.”

–Mike Stevens


~ by admin on April 10, 2011.

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