The Put and Take Snowstorm (ms)

As I awoke this morning what did my half-open eyes perceive but a white covering over everything that just the day before was bare. Snow. How rude!

I suppose in the overall scheme of things a snowstorm coming as it did in spring is not unusual. I have no records to prove it but, on the other hand, I’ve been through a few in my time. That doesn’t mean I like it. In fact I don’t, not even a little bit.

Granted there are the pretty scenes of snow covered trees arching out over a snow covered road down which a single car has traveled. If the photographer was exceptionally luck the tracks will have been made by a horse drawn sleigh but I don’t know many that lucky. Put that aside, however, and a storm coming as late in the season as this one did is nothing to be happy about.

I went out around dawn and scraped around a little with my snow shovel. The feeling is the same one to be had when moving wet concrete that has begun to set and harden. It is neither here nor there but is just a lumpy mess you would rather let the nightshift crew finish for you. That was essentially my conclusion.

This is one of those put and take snows. Mother Nature put it there and she can very well take it away. I will have nothing more to do with it. A few of my neighbors are more concerned about the matter and have fired up their snow throwers. There is nothing worse on a peaceful snowy morning than a gasoline engine going full throttle in the yard next door. Makes for a not so enjoyable first cup of coffee and can interfere with a nap  should the chore begin in the afternoon. See, I am being considerate of my neighbors.

The snow has now begun to fall from the trees. Great big globs of it in some cases, tiny wisps of it in others. The white birch out front virtually disappears in snows like this one. What gives it away is the first bit of snow to fall from an upper limb. It careens down bouncing off other limbs in turn setting off a chain reaction snow fall that ends with a “clump” as several handfuls of snow hit the earth below. Ah, the birch tree did not go away after all and now I can see it quite clearly. The slightest breeze coming as the day wears on will bring it all down. My view of the whole affair is quite good. I can sit on my favorite chair and look through the front window and that is exactly how I intend to spend the day.

I have a new book and some good tea waiting to be sampled; the pantry is stocked with essentials so there is really no need to go out for anything, certainly not to shovel heavy wet snow. No, I believe the course of action today leads no further than my easy chair. I did say a snowstorm coming this time of year has but one redeeming value did I not? I beg your pardon, I have just found another.

–Mike Stevens

~ by admin on March 23, 2011.

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