Hang In There, It Gets Better (ms)

It’s fairly easy to get depressed but not so easy to get back into the world.

Now, I am not talking here of the kind of depression you go to see a doctor or psychiatrist about. What I’m talking about here is the depression one can get into after merely watching television news or reading the morning paper. Those two simple acts can leave you feeling like there’s a forty ton truck on your shoulders and the road ahead is all uphill.

The other day a tsunami rolled over parts of Japan like a liquid bulldozer flattening everything it touched. It leaves behind a tangled mess and the question of where to begin the cleanup. More importantly, it leaves behind lives destroyed or broken beyond repair. The images sent out in the first days following the disaster are almost more than most of us can bear to watch. Still we do. We watch as a nuclear power plant begins to disintegrate threatening us with an attack by invisible particles that can spell death. We watch all that and depression settles over us like a heavy cloak.

Another morning we turn on our televisions, open our newspapers and find that there is stopgap funding now in Washington instead of a budget. Down at the coffee shop we sit and ponder why that is. We ask how it is that we have managed to elect people who cannot even get their act together long enough to write out a spending plan. Of course we come up with no answers for if we were able to things would have changed by now. All we come up with are questions. Primarily, we ask how it is that we keep sending the same type of people down to the capital to work for us then still pay them even when they don’t do their jobs. Try that where you work, we chorus, and see how long you’ll keep your job.

Now, as I write this, we have joined forces with other countries and have begun to try to cool things down in Libya. Maybe we’ll succeed or maybe not. Only time will tell. That seems to be the case in most of our ventures. Forgive me, perhaps as I’ve grown older I’ve become more of a cynic intent on seeing a side of us that I really don’t want to see but that I am convinced exists all the same.

About an hour before I began this little story I sat in my quiet front room. I was full of the news of the day and not liking any of it. I had a bad meal and heartburn was setting in. At those times I find it best to consider what I have and to think of how fortunate I am. No one is bombing that square building at the bottom of the hill; our home is still standing; my wife and family, all those people close to me are still alive; I can write what I want on these pages and no one will kick down my door in the middle of the night to drag me off into oblivion. I’m lucky and despite the ills of the world around me I am happy for what I have. It helps.

–Mike Stevens

~ by admin on March 20, 2011.

One Response to “Hang In There, It Gets Better (ms)”

  1. Good read Mike. My late father always taught us to look at the glass half full. Think it just makes sense to start our days on a good note.

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