The Storms of Winter (ms)

As I write this there is a strong wind blowing in from the North. That wind is pushing falling snow across the front lawn so that what lands here is snow meant for my neighbor three doors down. I was once told by a career military man that the wind chill is what you dress for and he was right. The still air temperature isn’t so bad; put a twenty mile an hour wind with it and you have something scary.

No matter; winter is in its final stages. Daylight lasts a little longer each day, the temperatures are still cold but becoming more tolerable and stormy nights such as the one I’m in are less frequent. I tasted spring two, three weeks ago but it didn’t linger, never does, not this time of year. In a few months it will stay and a new world will unfold each morning and this winter will be only a memory graded by bags of rock salt used and gallons of gas needed to fuel the snow blower. Dare I say I will miss it.

Now, before you begin questioning my sanity may I say that I dislike winter and all its misery as much as the next guy or girl. We are as one in that, dear reader. Let me also add, though, that the reason I miss winter is because the storms can be, well, exciting.

The rest of the year weather runs routinely save for an occasional storm that may produce some damage. Strong wind and some heavy rain can cause problems in a heartbeat threatening home and hearth. My argument is that winter is not quite like that which makes the weather it creates most interesting.

First, there’s the anticipation. The storm is coming, all the weather people say it is, the word is right there in the paper so how could it not. We scurry to the supermarket to clean the shelves of anything we think we’ll need and leave with enough food to last a month. No matter. We’ll need it. Haven’t you heard, there’s a storm coming! We arrive home safe wisely planning to go nowhere for the next few days. We gather family about us, make popcorn, maybe play a game, catch up on reading. Every so often we peek out the window to see if there is anything falling. Eventually we are rewarded and the flakes begin to fall slowly at first but then faster and faster. We take to our beds secure in the knowledge that we shall find the morrow a welcome place with some labor to be sure but fun as well. Now that is my idea of a storm.

See, you don’t get storms that make you feel all comfy and cozy any other time of year. They are only offered during the short few months of winter. Would I like to live with them for six months at a time? Absolutely not but I think for a few months some storms of interest help to pass the time in a most agreeable way. My love of winter storms may well seem like grasping at straws but, given the time of year, maybe that’s the best I can do.

–Mike Stevens


~ by admin on February 25, 2011.

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