Good Role Models In Small Packages (ms)

The grandkids came over today but not to worry … this will not be one of those ‘Let me tell you about my grandkids’ kind of essays. No, I think we’re going to talk about a different world here Dear Reader.

It’s the world we leave behind at the age of say eleven or twelve, about the time we begin to truly believe we know everything about everything but of course really know very little about anything. We begin having doubts about what we know, what our parents know, at around age eight I think. It takes a few years for us to build a case but at some point along the way we step out of childhood and enter that special world, a kind of limbo where one is neither here nor there when it comes to age. We are in a place akin to a dead zone in the demographics that dictate advertising for one thing and so many others. We’re not even smart enough to realize what we left behind.

Grandparents are, though, having gained that knowledge after years of working for a living, raising kids, putting up with rashes, fevers, broken romances and any number of other events that make up a youngsters life. Grandparents have seen it all and know darn well what they left behind when they shut the door on childhood. They also get a refresher course each time the grandkids come over to play.

I speak here not only of our grand children but of anyone’s grand children, any that are still young enough to be free. They are the ones who care not about convention, who see no harm in running through a two inch deep puddle, who slide down icy winter snowbanks head first or any other way that is convenient. They say what they want when they want and what they say is often, well, unusual. They get three meals a day, a warm bed, a bath at night, loving parents if they’re lucky and a dog that will play at the bounce of a ball. They know not the meaning of order preferring to live in the land of chaos where toys are dropped on a whim, rolled along the floor, sent down a flight of steps. The order of the day is that there shall be no order.

The freedom of childhood is really the most valuable thing those years offer. To run untied with nary a care in the world is such a beautiful thing that it can’t be written about, it must be experienced. Unfortunately there is no redo in this world and once you’re out of it you’re out unless of course you achieve the exalted role of grandparent.

We can see the world through the eyes of youngsters, become one with them, act silly even goofy. We can do what we like for we have them to serve as our excuses. We are acting as we are because they need to be entertained. That’s part of it for sure but it’s just wonderful to be a kid again and there’s no denying that.

–Mike Stevens

~ by admin on February 18, 2011.

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