The 21st Century Workshop (ms)

One of my plans in life was to have a workshop for a workshop is something a man has. It’s where he goes to fix that which can be fixed, it’s where his tool collection is stored and where he goes some days just to clean those tools for the workshop is also his getaway.

I got my wish and in our basement today there is a workshop that I visit just to brush away the dust. You can’t repair a lot of things these days and my get-away spot is the coffee shop. Besides, I don’t really want to putter around the house anymore; my interests now lie in trying to turn out scripts and stories someone might actually care to read or listen to. I take a few pictures when I’m in the mood and generally concern myself with fixing the worlds problems from the comfort of my easy chair. The world could use some fixing so that department in my collection of far-flung enterprises has had me quite busy. I spend a lot of time on my easy chair these days.

One of the things I’ve noticed from my vantage point is that the meaning of the word workshop has changed. I’ve outlined how I view it but there is added meaning to it.
For example, just the other day as I sat on my Think Tank sipping coffee and reading the morning paper I noticed a workshop was being held to explain some Federal programs. I don’t know the complexity of these programs but if the government has a hand in it I can just imagine. All you need do is take a look at the tax codes.

It seems to me there is a department in each department in Washington and every place else they can justify a department where the only work is to make things almost impossible to read. Either that or they are trying to cover every conceivable loophole (and some that may not be thought of for another fifty years) lest someone find one and exploit it. I don’t imagine anyone really gets rid of the loopholes, they just cover them so deeply with words that no one is going to find them. So, you end up with documents that can be read by no one save for those select few who have gone to the workshops connected with said documents. The result is a small group of optimists anointed by the Explainer as among the chosen few who actually almost understand what the government has provided or, in some cases, not provided. The consensus of opinion from the easy chair of occasionally rational thinking is that things ought not be so hard.

I wouldn’t mind seeing things the way they once were. Someone said something to you it was their word and you could take it to the bank. It was clear, simple, to the point and there was no mistaking any of it. I know, I know I’m going down to my workshop now and dust some tools.

–Mike Stevens

~ by admin on February 1, 2011.

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