Just What Is Important (ms)

Just the other day I got sick. Nothing major or life-threatening mind you just the virus that seems to be going around. Several of my friends have it and I suppose I picked it up from one of them. I do not know who that generous person was but I’d like to, just for the record and for someone to share the experience with.

The current crop of bad, nasty, evil-doing germs and viruses tends to run into a “lucky” individual like a four day old cream filled donut thrown from fifty feet. It makes you sit up and take notice or maybe lie down and wait for it to pass is a better way to look at it. At least that’s the way I chose to face it or, come to think of it, I didn’t have a choice.

I retired to an easy chair in my basement lair as much to suffer alone as to try and keep the germs to myself. This was most certainly not the kind of wealth I wished to share. Once there I as able to relax, catch a nap, have some juice, repeat and repeat. There is little else one can do given the circumstance.

At any rate, somewhere out of the fog came the notion that I had a lot to do and could not afford to be sick, even a little. To confirm I opened my notepad and sure enough there were eleven items that needed my attention. So momentous were they, so important to my future were those eleven topics to be covered that I thought surely my world would collapse around me if they were not properly attended to. With that I closed my eyes and awoke a few hours later, much too late to do the days designated work. Given that, I decided to give up and simply go back to sleep allowing the chips to fall where they may. You know what, the chips are still in the air waiting for me to pin them down when I’m able. This led me to think about what I consider important.

Now, to be sure the items I had listed in the “to do” column were of merit for they dealt with my work, some bills that needed paying, a couple phone calls and e-mails that needed tending; certainly each item wanted my attention. The truth is they weren’t going to get it on that particular day. The truth also is that things didn’t fall apart because I couldn’t offer it.

So, consider this a New Year’s resolution coming a little late but a heartfelt one all the same. I shall make a to do list for I must somehow keep organized and I will do my best to follow it. But, should late afternoon arrive and there are things yet to be done I shall do my best to ignore them. Tomorrow is another day or it isn’t. Time will tell. The beauty of such a resolution is that, no matter what, the world will still go on.

–Mike Stevens

~ by admin on January 9, 2011.

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