All Is Not Lost (ms)

The view out the window of my basement is of snow whipping across the yard, bare-limbed trees bending before the wind, the skies dark and full of the stuff that gives winter drivers nightmares. I’m in my lair, my “office” as I call it, my hidy hole as my wife sees it. No matter. It’s where I work; where I write, where I record voice tracks, where sometimes I just sit around and do some thinking. It’s warm in here tonight, I have a fresh cup of tea and all is pleasant. Outside it’s a cold cruel world, much like the one I find in the newspaper every morning.

Yes I have access to the Internet, I do some work for what is considered by most the best television news operation in the market but I still must read the paper each day. Many times I wish I hadn’t.

My argument is the one heard so many times by people who work in the news business: the news is all so bad they say and we say in response that it is news, that we don’t make it, simply report it. I feel like “they” do many times after meeting my morning newspaper yet I know it’s the news. Some days it is just an awful world.

Murder mayhem and mishap are often the order of the day. So much of it sometimes that I think reason, sensitivity, civility and common decency have been left behind as we rush forward to where I have no idea. Unfortunately so few others seem to either. It’s a mess I’ll tell you. There are moments though that offer at least a glimmer of hope.

At a restaurant this very day a young man, about college age, asked if a table next to us was taken. We waved him in and he said, “Thank you”. A bit later my wife was helping the economy by doing some shopping while I took up a chair to engage in some people watching. To my right a woman sneezed, a man about the age of the other guy said, “Bless” and went on his way. Small, inconsequential, unremarkable but welcome events coming on a day when there was no lack of bad stuff spread across the morning paper and a storm of it falling from the air waves. Some times you need to be thankful for small favors.

One of my neighbors thinks I take too negative a viewpoint of the world. He tells me that no matter what happens elsewhere, no matter the blunders made in Washington, the messes created in the state Capital, things will go on. Those who can will go to work and they will pay their taxes. We’ll have supper, go to church on Sunday, send our kids off to school, laugh, cry, sweat, live and love. The world does not stop because of bad news no matter how much of it there is. As an observer of human nature I must say I agree with him, generally.

But, truth be told I would like a larger dose of good news. I don’t expect my friends in the news business to stop reporting the bad news, can’t have that. I, however, would like a “thank you” now and then, a “you’re welcome” would be good as well.

-Mike Stevens

~ by admin on December 31, 2010.

One Response to “All Is Not Lost (ms)”

  1. Do what I do, Mike. When it seems as though the world may end today I take heart in knowing that it’s already tomorrow in Australia!

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